Recitation Schedule



You will conduct two major class/out of class projects and a smaller in-class project recitation.  Although some of the work on these projects will be completed in groups, you will be graded individually on DQs, worksheets, quizzes, and written assignments.  Due dates are noted below; additional details will be given in class.




Recitation activity

Due at or before



Aug 23  

Intro to scientific method and literature

Article DQsa,b   



Aug 30

Project 1: project introduction, generating questions

Dataset preferences



Sep 6

Project 1: working with and graphing data

Data Worksheetc



Sep 13

Project 1: statistical analysis of data

Graphing Worksheetc

Statistical primer


Sep 20 

Project 1: data and poster workshop

Stats Worksheetd, Quize



Sep 27

Project 1: Research Poster Session

PROJ 1: Poster



Oct 4

Project 2: project introduction, species evaluation

Article DQsa,b

Call for proposals

Proposal components


Oct 11

Project 2: library resources, begin literature search

Ranking of choicesc

Database exercise


Oct 18

Project 2: working group meetings, priorities and Qs

Annotated bibliographyc

Design worksheet

Design example


Oct 25

Project 2: experimental design workshop

Suarez Worksheetc

Project Worksheetd



Nov 1

Project 2: proposal writing workshop


Intro & significancec

Pre-proposal guidelines

Pre-proposal form

Suarez form example


Nov 8

Mini-project 3: building phylogenies

PROJ 2: Proposalc

Proposal Example

Draft Rubric


Nov 15

Mini-project 3: using phylogenies to study evolution

Phylogeny I worksheetf



Nov 22

Project 2: Proposal Presentations & funding panel

Phylogeny II Worksheetf

PROJ 2: Revised proposal

Powerpoint presentation



Nov 29

   *** Thanksgiving break – no meeting *** 





a Readings for these discussions will be announced by email and available on course webpage

b Due by email ( by the time of recitation

c Due as hard copy at recitation

d Due at lecture on the Wednesday before recitation

e Statistics quiz to be given at the start of recitation

f Due by email on the Tuesday before recitation


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