Lecture attendance.  You are expected to attend each lecture.  If you miss class your absence will be apparent when you do poorly on exams.  You will not understand the emphasis I put on lecture material only by reading the book or looking over illustrations.  I provide a guide for each lecture but not detailed lecture notes.  If you must miss a lecture, be sure to get notes and go through them with a classmate, and ask me questions during office hours.  I am always willing to take the time to help you to better understand material.

Laboratory: You are required to attend each 3-hour lab for its duration.  Arriving late or leaving early (without an excuse approved before class) will result in loss of 1/3 of the participation points for any fraction of each hour missed.  You should work together to examine material and ponder thought questions, but drawings and answers must be your own.  Given their nature, labs cannot be “made up” and we have no way to provide access to material outside of the lab period.  You can hand in lab worksheets at the end of lab or at the start of the following lecture.

Exam prep.  Exam days will involve both a lab practical exam and a lecture/reading exam, all in one 3-h lab period.  Use the study guide I provide for each lecture and the worksheet for each lab.  For lecture, you must know taxonomy to the level listed at the top of each guide, and for laboratory, to the level listed in the taxonomy section of the lab handout.  See the Exams link at the website for more information.  Group study can be helpful, as follows: only after first studying thoroughly on your own, quiz each other about terms and concepts.  Nothing tests understanding better than being forced to verbalize answers out loud.

Disabilities I will do my best to accommodate any student with a documented disability who has been approved through SNAP.  The lab exam setup can complicate the accommodation, but I have worked this out with students before.  Talk with me during office hours.

Missing an exam. Because there is no way to “make up” a laboratory exam, you may be excused from taking an exam at the scheduled time only for a documented medical emergency suffered on the day of the exam.  Other unavoidable professional conflicts (which includes med school interviews, but not family gatherings) should be discussed with me well in advance.

Late assignments.  Assignments are due at the date and time indicated.  Assignments handed in past the deadline without prior approval will have approximately 5% per day deducted.

Academic misconduct Cheating, non-independent work, and plagiarism will be handled according to the College honor code.  I am required to turn in suspected violations.  Be sure that you understand all potential violations, including intentional and unintentional plagiarism, as described in these guidelinesIt is far better to turn in poor work for a poor grade than to receive an XF (failure for cheating) and a suspension, which are automatic sanctions for intentional plagiarism. Members of the honor board, mostly students, take these issues seriously.

Electronics Cell phones must be turned off and stored.  Anyone using a phone during class may be asked to leave the room.  Please talk with me if you plan to use a laptop or tablet for taking notes.

How to succeed?  See the SUCCESS link at the course website and take my advice to heart!


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