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Robert D. Podolsky




Mack K, Podolsky RD, Shervette V, Fowler AE, Wilber DH.  2018. Spatial and Temporal Associations Between Native Crabs and the Invading Green Porcelain Crab, Petrolisthes armatus, Throughout Its Northernmost Invaded Range. Estuaries and Coasts pdf

Kacenas SE, Podolsky RD. 2018. Density-dependent expression of plasticity in larval morphology: effects of actual and apparent competitors. Marine Ecology Progress Series 593:1-13. pdf

Smoot SM, Plante CJ, Podolsky RD. 2015  Anti-bacterial activity in egg masses of Melanochlamys diomedea across habitats differing in sediment properties and bacterial load. Marine Ecology Progress Series 524:185-196. pdf

Castro DA, Podolsky RD.  2012.  Holding On to a Shifting Substrate: Plasticity of Egg Mass Tethers and Tethering Forces in Soft Sediment for an Intertidal Gastropod, Biological Bulletin 223: 300311. pdf

Fernandes DAO, Podolsky RD.  2011.  Developmental consequences of association with a photosynthetic substrate for encapsulated embryos of an intertidal gastropod, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 407: 370-376. pdf

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Allen, J.D. and R.D. Podolsky.  2007.  Uncommon diversity in larval form and developmental mode in Macrophiothrix brittlestars.  Marine Biology 151:85-97. pdf

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Podolsky, R.D. and J.S. McAlister. 2005.  Developmental plasticity in Macrophiothrix brittlestars: are morphologically convergent larvae also convergently plastic? Biological Bulletin 209:127-138. pdf

Hart, M.W. and R.D. Podolsky. 2005.  Mitochondrial DNA phylogeny and rates of larval evolution in Macrophiothrix brittlestars. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 34:438-447. pdf

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Podolsky, R.D. 2002. Fertilization ecology of egg coats: physical vs. chemical contributions to fertilization success of free-spawned eggs. Journal of Experimental Biology 205: 1657-1668. pdf

Podolsky, R.D. 2001. Evolution of egg target size: an analysis of selection on correlated characters. Evolution 55: 2470-2478. pdf

Podolsky, R.D. and R. R. Strathmann. 1997. Evolution of egg size in free-spawners: consequences of the fertilization-fecundity tradeoff. American Naturalist 148: 160-173. pdf

Podolsky, R.D., P. Virtue, T. Hamilton, J. Vavra and D.T. Manahan. 1995. Energy metabolism during development of the antarctic sea urchin Sterechinus neumayeri. Antarctic Journal of the US 1994: 157-158.

Podolsky, R.D. 1994. Temperature and water viscosity: physiological versus mechanical effects on suspension feeding. Science 265: 100-103. pdf

Podolsky, R.D. 1993. Evolution of a flower dimorphism: how effective is pollen dispersal by "male" flowers? Ecology 74: 2255-2260. pdf

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Groom, M.J., R.D. Podolsky, and C.A. Munn. 1991. Tourism as a Sustained Use of Wildlife: A Case Study of Madre de Dios, Southeastern Peru. In Robinson and Redford, Neotropical Wildlife Use and Conservation. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 393-412.

Podolsky, R.D. 1990. Effects of mixed-species association on resource use by Saimiri sciureus and Cebus apella.  American Journal of Primatology 21:147-158.

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