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Robert D. Podolsky


 Current and past courses

 College of Charleston

Biol 211 Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation BiologySophomore level core course that covers population biology (population genetics and population dynamics), ecology (interactions among organisms and their environments at the community, ecosystem and biosphere levels), and biodiversity (phylogenetics and evolutionary trends in trait evolution).

Biol 337 Biology of InvertebratesSurvey of diversity in animal body design emphasizing the form, function, behavior, ecology, and evolutionary relationships of major invertebrate taxa.

Biol 630 Marine Invertebrate Zoology.  Graduate-level course emphasizing diversity in animal body design, function, behavior, ecology, and evolutionary relationships as well as individual and group projects.

  Friday Harbor Laboratories, University of Washington

Zoo 432 Marine Invertebrate Zoology. Comparative biology of marine non-vertebrate animals, focusing on morphology, functional biology, life history, and evolutionary relationships. Daily lectures give overviews of the major and some minor taxa, but the backbone of the course is the study of living animals in the laboratory and field, including the production of a guide to the diversity and natural history of local field sites.

   UNC-Chapel Hill

Biol 99 Biology Senior Honors. A course focusing on the development of professional skills useful to honors students for completing honors theses and symposium presentations.

Biol 105 Marine Invertebrate Biology. Introduction to the major animal phyla emphasizing the form, function, behavior, ecology, and evolutionary relationships of marine invertebrates.

Biol 156 Evolutionary Ecology. Advanced topics in the evolution of form and function within an ecological context, including life-history evolution, evolutionary physiology, evolutionary morphology, and the evolution of complexity.

Biol 251 Graduate Seminar in Biology. A course to provide experience for advanced biology students in presenting their work to a general audience. Students present individual research seminars based on their dissertation projects. Lectures are critiqued by fellow students and biology faculty. Required of all candidates for the Ph.D. in biology.

Biol 258 Seminar in Evolution. Advanced topics in evolutionary biology.  Past topics covered include "The Ecology and Evolution of Ontogeny", "What is Integrative Biology?", and "Phenotypic Plasticity as an Integrative Science."

Evolunch. Weekly informal presentation and discussion forum for faculty, postdocs, students, and visitors.

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