Supplementary readings


These articles, mostly from the primary literature, will enrich your course experience by exposing you to how basic research is done to address questions in ecology and conservation biology.  Be sure to complete the assignment by the deadline stated on the syllabus.  Click on the author's name to access the article in .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat Reader needed to view articles).


Note: These files are password protected with username (biol211) and password (available on syllabus).


Readings and DQs for recitation on F Aug 23

  1. Reid JL, Holste EK, Zahawi RA (2013). Artificial bat roosts did not accelerate forest regeneration in abandoned pastures in southern Costa Rica.  Biological Conservation 167 (2013) 9–16.
  2. DQs for Reid et al. (2013)

Readings for lecture discussion on Th Sep 9

  1. Westemeier RL, Brawn JD, Simpson SA, Esker TL, Jansen RW, Walk JW, Kershner EL, Bouzat JL, Paige KN (1998).  Tracking the long-term decline and recovery of an isolated population.  Science 282:1695-8.
  2. DQs for Westemeier et al. (1998)

Readings for recitation on F Oct 4

  1. Suarez AV, Case TJ (2002). Bottom-up effects on persistence of a specialist predator: ant invasions and horned lizards.  Ecological Applications 12(1):291–298.
  2. DQs for Suarez and Case (2002)

Readings for lecture discussion on W Oct 16

  1. Bertness MD (1992).  The ecology of a New England salt marsh.  American Scientist 80:260-8.  Note: required reading.
  2. DQs for Bertness (1992)  Note: the DQs are not required for 2013 but can be completed by October 21 for extra credit.